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More about the cookies - UPDATE

頭30名購買一本【Let TCM Wipe Out the Blues】送曲奇餅及名信片一張! 因為食物條例關係,主辦教會昨天通知七月二十七日不能提取自家制曲奇餅。請於七月三十一日或以後,請往萬民衛期理 Markham Wesley Centre(22 Esna Park Drive, Markham)提取或致電Polly: 416 831 7751

First 30 people to purchase “Let TCM Wipe Out the Blues” this Saturday at the Markham Carnival @markhamcarnival2019 will receive, in addition to Dr Lo’s selected soup recipes, a postcard by @fortunusgames and Julamy’s delicious homemade cookies! However, note, that due to regulations, you will need to pick up the cookies on or after July 31 at Markham Wesley Centre by calling Polly at 416 831 7751.

The cookies will not be available on the day of the event. We will provide more information at the event.

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