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Introducing AirMSMB Inc. - blockchain-based e-commerce platform!

AirMSMB proposes to provide a multi-tenant e-commerce platform ( to help Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Businesses (MSMBs) grow and compete by attracting consumers.

Tenants can easily open online stores and sell discount vouchers on the AirMSMB platform and consumers can buy vouchers from MSMBs for themselves or others.

MSMBs pay a very small transaction fee when there is a successful sale, making it a true “pay for performance” online market place.

  • Part of the transaction fee is used to reward consumer’s recommenders and the regional service manager.

All AirMSMB transactions are protected by blockchain technology.

  • As each transaction occurs, it is encoded into a block of uniquely signed digital data. The newly created block is then chained together with older blocks, creating an irreversible and immutable chain.

  • As a result, all validated transactions are permanently recorded; even a system administrator cannot delete or alter a transaction.

  • MSMBs and consumers can also download for private storage and also validate all the recorded transactions at anytime.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact Dr. Arthur Lo at

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