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"Finding Sam" - A Thougthful and Heart-Warming Comic About Growing Up and Finding One's Path

Our partner, Fortunus Games, has just finished writing and drawing one of the most touching and realistic webcomics we've ever read- "Finding Sam."


Sam Abramov's childhood dream was to become an actor. Now a 25 year old law school graduate barely making ends meet as a legal assistant, Sam has long laid to rest his dream of making it big as an actor. He is no longer sure of his future and feels increasingly anxious about his career. However, his life will soon radically change in more ways than one...!

Read ALL 5 EPISODES of "Finding Sam" here:

Fortunus Games is currently in the midst of translating all 5 chapters into Chinese.

Once all of the chapters are posted in Chinese, we will post a blog post telling you about it.

The Chinese version of Episode 1 of "Finding Sam" can be read here:


山姆·阿布拉莫夫從小夢想成為著名演員。1926年,山姆已經25歲,三年前法學院畢業,因為沒有聘請他做律師,所以只能當律師助理了,他只是打理日常文件,並無法律案件接觸。他根本無法設想他的未來,也不再夢想成為著名演員。 他的生命將會很大改變...!

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